September 3, 2022

Madison & Monona, WI

Marathon, Half Marathon, Relay Marathon, 13.1 Mile Walk & 5K Run


LEAD BIKES AND PACERS should pick up their volunteer shirts, pacing sticks and vests on Friday or Saturday in the First Aid Tent near the starting line. (see bottom of page for map). You can report to Rebecca Thompson at the Volunteer Check-In Tent on Friday or Saturday morning before 6:45am. The tent is located next to the parking lot of the Community Pool and Tennis courts on  Nichols Rd. You can call Rebecca at (608) 697-8111.

LEAD BIKES You will line up in front of the starting line around 6:55 am. There will be an “Elite” start for full marathon at 7:00. You will stay in front of the runners leading them along the course which is marked with safety cones and directional signs. The lead runner from the full marathon will have a purple bib, the lead runner from the half marathon will have an orange bib, you should use your 2-way radio to give periodic updates of location as you pass mile markers along the course. Half Marathon Lead Bikes will end at the Finish Line, Full Marathon Lead Bikes will continue at the Finish Line and do a second full lap of the course. After the Half Marathon Lead Bikes rest a bit, they should go back on the course and locate the last participant and radio that in to the Race Director.

PACERS You will line up in the starting chute during the Wave that best describes your minute projected finish time. The Marathon starts at 7am followed every 5 minutes by Half Marathon Wave Starts. You will hold up your pace sign so your runners can come to you. Maintain your pace and hand off your timing sign to your exchange partners after the first lap. You may continue a second lap (without the sign) if you want to do the full but make sure your runners know not to follow you. If you are pacing both halves, keep the pace sign the entire time. Below are the Wave Starts:
7:05 – Wave 1, projected finish time between 1:16 & 2:09
7:10 – Wave 2, projected finish time between 2:10 & 2:26
7:15 – Wave 3, projected finish time between 2:27 & 2:47
7:20 – Wave 4, projected finish time between 2:48 & 3:31
7:25 – Wave 5, projected finish time between 3:32 & 4:00
7:30 – Wave 6, projected finish time between 4:00+

LEAD BIKE FULL MARATHON –  Alex K (need 1 more)