September 3, 2022

Madison & Monona, WI

Marathon, Half Marathon, Relay Marathon, 13.1 Mile Walk & 5K Run


Saturday, September 3, 2022
START/FINISH: Winnequah Park – Monona, WI
START TIME: 8:15-8:27 am 


Do you want to participate in The Rockin Brews Marathon but prefer a shorter distance? Recruit your team of three runners and make it a team effort. It’s fun and easy! There will be a Team Meet-Up Area 1/2 block before the Finish Line for those wishing to cross the Finish Line as a team. Every team member will receive an official race shirt, pre-race snacks, post-race snacks, a goodie bag, unlimited beer or soda and an awesome finisher medal.

The 3 Relay legs are as follows:
1st Leg –
From Winnequah Park to E. Lakeside St. & Edgewater Ct. – 4.6 Miles
2nd Leg –
From E. Lakeside St. & Edgewater Ct. to Olbrich Park at Lakeland Ave. & Atwood Ave. – 4.2 Miles
Last Leg –
From Olbrich Park at Lakeland Ave. & Atwood Ave. to Winnequah Park – 4.3 Miles

– The team packet includes your matching bib numbers, safety pins, T-shirts, timing chip and other goodies.
– Bib Numbers will be worn on the front.  
– Timing Chip – All teams will be given one timing chip, the last person will cross the finish line with the chip on their bib.
– Exchange Areas are well marked. Please look for your exchange areas when approaching the transition locations. Please try to be courteous to faster participants. It is often advisable for teams to wear bright matching shirts, hats, shorts, etc. If you plan to exchange clothes, have that prearranged with your team members. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Each relay exchange area will include water, Gatorade and port-a-potties.
– Team Meet-Up Area is 1/2 block before the Finish Line for those wishing to cross the Finish Line as a team.

One vehicle can be used for dropping off and picking up relay team members. The easiest way to do it is to drop off Runner 1 at the Starting Line at Winnequah Park (Nichols Rd/Healy Ln) and then drive the rest of the team to the first exchange at E. Lakeside St & Edgewater Ct where runners 2, & 3 will be waiting. Once Runner 1 arrives, Runner 2 will run to Olbrich Park at Lakeland Ave & Atwood Ave where Runners 1 & 3 will be waiting. Runner 3 will run to the Finish Line where runners 1 & 2 will be waiting. The team will meet up on the corner of Nichols Rd and the Monona Community Center parking lot before the finish and run to the finish together.

START & FINISH  1013 Nichols Rd Monona, WI 53716 (at corner of Healy Ln)

TEAM MEET UP – 1011 Nichols Rd Monona, WI 53716 (at the parking lot entrance to the Monona Community Center)

EXCHANGES #1 – Lakeside St. & Edgewater Ct
EXCAHNGES #2 – Olbrich Park at Lakeland Ave. & Atwood Ave.
EXCHANGE #3 Monona Community Center at Nichols Rd– 1011 Nichols Rd Monona, WI 53716

There are Aid Stations at mile 2.8, mile 4.8, mile 6.8, mile 8.8 mile 10.8 and mile 13.1. There will be Gatorade and water at every station. The 2nd, 4th and 6th station will have some form of carbs (animal crackers…) and some fruit.